WhatsAppTools 2.3

A tool to parse WhatsApp hashes, to generate new or use existing WhatsApp and register a or existing range of WhatsApp numbers

  • Fixed WhatsApp API changes
  • Voice activation message feature



Import phone numbers from a .txt file or generate them and check wether they were already registered with empty or specified password


  • Ultra-fast multi-threaded parallel parsing
  • Ability to parse numbers registered with a password
  • Multiple API versions implemented. You can use the newest, oldest one or both of them
  • Ability to set a pause in order to avoid WhatsApp filtration
  • Export parsed numbers to CSV or TXT files, including parsed hashes


Send verification SMS messages to all of the imported phone numbers and check recieved verification codes to get the hashes


  • Batch verfification SMS sent
  • Batch verification codes submit
  • Ability to set a pause in order to avoid WhatsApp filtration
  • Ability to register numbers with a password
  • Instantly get hashes for numbers which verification codes were already submitted


Generate range of phone numbers and send them to parser module or to text file


  • Shuffle numbers to deflect WhatsApp attention away from you
  • Instantly send generated numbers to parser module
  • Save generated numbers to text file

Buy & Download

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200 USD / 13 800 RUB

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You can also download free test version of the program, which can handle up to 10 phone numbers at time

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Feel free to conact me and ask any question about the WhatsAppTools

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